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Re: Places to Stay
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Jean K. Rosselit (
Date:   01-23-06 10:33

I guess Tamarindo depends on what you are looking for. It is a long walk to the beach, and beach is rock and coral so maybe not to great for kids. Cottages are nice, with a great view as they are up on a hillside. Snorkeling is great and the pool is nice. They are not "beachfront" as the add states tho. There is also no restaurant or bar there as they lost their chef to Bahia Marina from what I heard. Our friends stayed there for the past 2 weeks while we stayed at Villa Flamenco Beach. We weren't allowed to visit them as we had planned, Tammarindo is pretty strict about visitors. They were however able to visit us at Flamenco for a few wonderful meals we cooked on the grill there. We all decided that the next visit we would stay there. The apartments are cleaned and there is new linen about every 3 days, vs only linen on demand at Tamarindo. We had a wonderful beach right in front of us and a wonderful breeze of the ocean to keep us cool and comfortable. Our friends at Tamarindo had to use the air conditioning to sleep at all. We loved Max and Esmeralda our hosts, who made our stay a pleasant and memorable experience, and were always willing to help with whatever we needed. I have pictures from both places, let me know if I can help. Loved Culebra!!! Jean

Jean in Michigan

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