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Re: Traveling to Culebra Suggestions
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Mai (
Date:   06-14-05 14:17

My husband and I honeymooned in Culebra for 3wks in 2002. We took a cab (not so expensive considering the drive) to Fajardo. We arrived at night and stayed at the Fajardo Inn. We had dinner on the back patio (up on the hill) overlooking the nice view at the Fajardo Inn restaurant. In the morning, we took the ferry to Culebra Island. Make sure to allow sufficient time to get the ticket counter since they're first come first serve. If on a weekend or a holiday, there might be a lot of people (locals from PR) and you'll miss that morning ferry. Staying in Culebra, I would recommend something that is more the native island feel (we stayed at Villa Fulladoza...there are many others). We weren't really considering the price but we basically had the whole villa to ourselves for a week and it overlooks the bay. We chose our own room which has the best view...and it seemed more private than the other "ritzy" hotels (more expensive and "Americanized" or "city-like". I forget the name of that certain one but it has a bar outside and the bartender was rude to us because we didn't dress "rich" when we went to the bar that night. Anyways, I would say it is imperative to rent a vehicle while you're in Culebra. It is much more convenient, not expensive, and would safe you time to spend more joyously on the island. Many are stick-shifts since it's hilly there so keep that in mind. I'm not sure if any of you drive a stick. We rented a susuki vitara jeep-like vehicle but it didn't have too much power. One mistake we did was drive down an unpaved rode downhill (which we went against advisement) and got stuck, had to hike back uphill and hitchhiked back into town. The locals are very friendly there. Hope our experience will help with your plans.

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