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low cost accomodations
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Megan McNamee (
Date:   05-22-05 21:10


I am very excited about our trip to Culebra! Three of my friends and I (4 total) are planning a trip in June. We are graduate students and teachers looking for an affordable place to stay for June 16-18. We are looking for clean acommodations for around $70'ish that are either in walking distance to the town, beach, or both. We cannot splurge on a car, so location is important. A kitchenette would be a bonus.

For those looking to rent an apt. I can absolutely assure you, we are very clean and respectful!

Please include price quotes if you have any suggestions. Thank you very much for the information!

Enjoy your travels,

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Re: low cost accomodations
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: JoseGuzman (
Date:   05-23-05 05:53

Maybe you can contact Villa Boheme, they have public kitchen with TV, A/C, water front. However, a very long walk is required to Flamenco, and to most beaches. There is nothing cheap close to the beach, public transport is about 1.50 each way.
So... do the math, and choose, in Culebra there is nothing cheap.
Have you think about camping ? In this situation food becomes a must think about real good.

Good luck

Capt. J.Guzman

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Re: low cost accomodations
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Jacques (
Date:   06-07-05 11:35

Again, I really think Villa Fulladoza blows Boheme out of the water. Boheme is fine but Fulladoza has more character, it's smaller and the rooms are really nice. They have a kitchen and a killer outside BBQ that you are free to use. I have tried a bunch of places on the island and that's always the best bang for the bucks... and don't miss dinner at Bananas.

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Re: low cost accomodations
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Mai (
Date:   06-14-05 14:41

Megan, I agree w/Jacque's advice. Please read my reply post for "Traveling to Culebra Suggestions" to get more info about Villa Fulladoza. I had forgotten to mention that our room had a stove and that'll surely fit your needs. As w/walking distance to a beach and to everywhere else, I don't think that you'll get everything. Villa fulladoza is very short walking distance to town, restaurants, and shops...but if you are more avid in walking than I am, then I guess it'll be fine for you. However, there are many beaches surrounding the island. I'm sure that you and your friends would want to venture out to try different beaches in Culebra. Good luck.

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