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our week on Culebra
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: __tim (
Date:   04-18-05 22:18

Just returned with my wife from 1-week trip to Culebra. I found this place for our vacation on internet, searching for good snorkeling in Puerto Rico. Thanks to this forum, we knew where to go. Snorkeling was great, indeed, and interesting spots were almost at every beach we reached - the best were Luis Pena (we got their on kayak) - east, Carlos Rosario, Zoni, edge of playa Tortuga on Culebrita.
We are thankful to Elias Robinson who met us 5 minutes after we landed, and helped us to locate everything (yes, the view is great from Casa Robinson, and this is a nice place to stay!), and to Captain Gami (Culebra Water Toys).
To see more, you do need a 4-wheel plus a good backpack to carry water & snorkeling stuff, best hours are 6am-11am, 4pm-6pm.
We saw impressive fresh turtle track on Bravo, and had we more time, I'd wish to join a turtle watch program (if it exists). Maybe it would be right thing to combine such program with garbage collecting - the garbage seems to be the main trouble with Culebra shores, and every visitor collecting few plastic things away from a beach would make a difference.
We've seen pretty large turtles from kayak, not very close to us.

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