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Re: boating on my own
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Mariangela (
Date:   02-16-05 10:21

so, leaving from puerto del rey, all we have to do is spot the island and head thata way. not bad, that's a plan that even I can deal with. Also, we will be staying for the week on the island, (albeit using the boat for daytime activities) the flamenco beach villas do not have a dock, where can we dock the boat for an extended period of time? i'd happily pay someone rent to dock the boat overnight while we're on the island. by the way, thank you very much capt guzman for the advice and info. this forum is really spectacular for answering these questions. Last question i had was, how important is it that we arrive during the daylight? I know the sun sets pretty promptly around 6, and we'll just be getting to the island around then if all goes well. does leaving puerto del rey at 4pm sound like a bad idea?

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