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Culebra weddings
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Erin (
Date:   01-23-05 19:03

I was wondering if anyone had been to a wedding on Culebra. I am planning mine for 2006 and was hoping that I could have some input as to what others have done so far. I really want the wedding on the beach...but which is best for such an event? And then there are other considerations....could I get flowers arrangements anywhere to carry down the "aisle"? And what about music? I'd like something simple like a flute player. Is there anything like that at Culebra? I've never actually been there YET, but I think my fiance and I will plan a trip this year to check everything out. We saw Culebra on the Discovery channel years ago and decided we should get married there someday. And well, that day is now 6-3-06!

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Re: Culebra weddings
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Andra (
Date:   02-14-05 11:15

My husband and I got married on Flamenco beach Dec. 27th 2003. I made my own bouquet out of flowers I cought from a grocery store prior to arriving on the island and we had a nice dinner at Club Seabourne afterwards. It was just thw two of us for the wedding - so I can't offer any other advice about music etc. We contacted a Judge in Fajardo and flew him to Culebra to perform our ceremony. Let me know if you need his contact info.

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