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getting to Culebra from SJU
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Eileen Curran (
Date:   08-02-18 10:56

What is the best way to get to Culebra from SJU? Coming from Florida
I was thinking the ferry but the taxi ride is almost the same price as the seaplane. When they say $80.00 one way, is that per person or can I have 3 and we split that 80 bucks?

Eileen Curran-Bennett

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Re: getting to Culebra from SJU
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Specialk (172.58.139.---)
Date:   08-02-18 23:46

The plane is around $80 per person each way. It isn't a private plane ride, there will be other customers on the flight, just like a normal airline. If you want to be guaranteed to arrive on Culebra with the least amount of issues, just buy a plane ticket. If you want to have a bit of an adventure, wake up early and grab the ferry. Personally, we fly into Culebra (Nothing can beat landing there. It's amazing) and ferry back to Fajardo.

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Re: getting to Culebra from SJU
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Geronimo (128.244.38.---)
Date:   08-17-18 12:15

Are you asking if $80 one way is for the cab from SJU to Fajardo or the flight? The cab is ~$80 from SJU to Fajardo and you can take multiple folks. The flight is $90 each from Isla Grande to Culebra or $135 from SJU to Culebra. Flights are not available on weekends.

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Re: getting to Culebra from SJU
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Phil Ryder (
Date:   09-09-18 17:52

We have done both (just wrapped up our ninth trip to Culebra). While the flight gets you there quickly, and the landing is a rush (!), the ferry is truly the way to go. If you're interested, I can send you the contact info of the driver we always use. He charges 80 bucks each way, and can be split between multiple people in your party.

Two weeks ago (going there) and one week ago (coming back), the regular passenger ferry was not running, but the cargo ferry was. Ample seating for passengers, and the trip time was no different. There is plenty of space up on the top deck to sit and watch the scenery go by. And you cannot beat the price. Just get to the Fajardo ferry terminal early (John got us there at 5 am, which in retrospect was PLENTY early), I'd say by 6 am, to ensure your place in line. The cargo ferry will board 250 people plus whatever cargo is heading over. Do NOT let the "cargo" ferry dissuade you from taking the ferry.

If you've made reservations with one of the vehicle rentals on Culebra (we've always used Carlos Jeeps), they'll be waiting for you at the Culebra ferry terminal. If you fly in to Culebra, most vendors will meet you at the airport or are right across the street from the airport.

Have an awesome trip. We always do, and miss this special place the minute we are headed back to Puerto Rico and the mainland.

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