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Re: What to do in Culebra
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: John W. (---.hfc.comcastbusiness.n)
Date:   07-14-14 10:50

This was a list I put together a few years ago with a few modifications - things dont change too much (thank goodness!)

Top things to do:

a. Visit Flamenco Beach and Zoni beach at sunrise (6 am)

b. Snorkel Melones and Carlos Rosario reefs.

c. Hike to Brava Beach and spend a morning alone on this beautiful remote beach. Bring a big beach towel, water and sun tan lotion for those bare spots.

d. Listen to Wiki and Jorge play the congas on Saturday night at Dinghy Dock. Sip on a bushwacker and get ready to dance.

e. Go scuba diving with Walt or Todd at Culebra Divers and search for the lion fish and lobsters.

f. Visit Sue Zinkowski and view her artistic impressions of Culebra. Then go see Jorge at Art Fango.

g. Take a water taxi or kayak to Luis Pena. Bring a picnic lunch and your snorkeling gear.

h. Visit the museum on road to Zoni Beach.

i. Hike up to the helipad above Flamenco Beach or drive to Cerro Balcon and get 360 degree views of the island. Cerro Balcon is above Zoni Beach.

j. Have breakfast at Dinghy Dock and sit at a table overlooking the harbor. Watch the tarpon along the dock. Or try breakfast at Vibra Verde and enjoy their homemade breads, sandwiches and natural foods. Pan Deli has great pastries and sandwiches.

k. A day of bone fishing with Chris.

l. Take a trip to Culebrita with snorkeling, lunch and a hike to lighthouse.

m. Dinner at Suzi's, Dinghy Dock, Zaco's Tacos, Heathers Pizza, El Eden or Coconuts. All are very good.

n. Enjoy a massage at the beach. Look on line for referrals.

o. Rent a kayak or paddle board from Kayaking Puerto Rico.

p. Take a sail boat ride with one of many charters.

q. Relax on a hammock and enjoy a mojito.


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