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Re: Culebrita
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: lauraadventureseeker (
Date:   03-05-14 13:41

Hello Brandon,

I went to Culebrita Island on Captain Sebastian's boat. I met 2 other campers who was also camping on Flamenco Beach, we went to Culebrita in Nov 2013, and during that time it cost us $40 each. We chose the no snacks package. We met him on the port near Dinghy Dock's restaurant. The ride took about 30 mins and once we landed on Culebrita, Captain's Sebastian will arrange a time with you on when you want to get pick up. We chose to stay for 4 hours. Before he left us he gave us very specific directions even drawing a map on the sand to how to get to the Lighthouse, Tortuga Beach and the Tidal Pools. We also provides you with beach umbrella and snorkel vests if you need it. Also, you can snorkel right there where the boat landed. He will tell you where to snorkel too to get the best views of sea life, including where the turtles are best to be spoted.

These are my videos from Culebrita.
I hope these infos help.


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