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The current weather in Culebra

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Re: Bicycle
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: MuzaiCo (
Date:   12-06-13 10:26

Great info Dave, and very promising! I haven’t seen anyone mentioning fishing on Culebra beach.
I’m still doing my research on what kind of equipment to buy. You are not going to believe, but I practically never fished in my life… I fished maybe 3-4 times when I was little but remember only one small fish that I caught. So…. I want to catch up on what I missed :). But I know nothing about fishing. Already spent many hours trying to find out what kind of equipment I need, now trying to decide what size and brand of rod and reel to buy. And I know nothing about lures and sinkers and bites and so on… And of course I know nothing about fish, their names, which ones you can eat and which ones not good for food. Of course pretty fish needs to be released, that I know :). I sound like a girl ))).

I’m thinking on buying 9’ rod (don’t know which brand to choose), and maybe Penn Battle 5000 reel.

It might be overkill for first-timer, but I like quality product, and want it to last.

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