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The current weather in Culebra

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Re: Bicycle
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: MuzaiCo (
Date:   12-05-13 01:40

Laura, thank you for tip on a stove! It’s in my cart now. I was looking at that stove before too, and also was looking at similar stove but with larger burner. But I didn’t know what kind of fuel is available on the island. But now thanks to you I know that I indeed can use that stove. For how long do you think one canister lasts?

I know that I can buy food at the grocery store, but it would be a shame to buy frozen fish from a store when you can have fresh from the ocean! :)

Dave, thank you for your post!
I’m planning on staying in the zone E too, and I have the same thoughts about the tent as you do! And I have the same ideas about food too :). I definitely will go to town to have lunch or dinner, but definitely not all the time and I for sure don’t want to eat junk food. My mission for those 6 weeks is to eat healthy (if possible), rest, and burn as much fat from my body as possible (daily running, biking, swimming, going to the gym).

Do you fish in Culebra? Any inside information?

And how do you get from airport to Culebra?

I can't wait to get to Culebra too, it was -25F few hours ago in my neck of the woods….

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