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Re: Bicycle
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: DRB (71.35.254.---)
Date:   12-04-13 17:33

I have camped many times on Flamenco. 2014 I will be going April 23 to May 9th. I take a tent and hammock and stay in zone E. I agree with previous posts that a tent is good to have. I spent time in the hammock but the tent was nice to stay out of wind, rain and have a place to keep things out of sight, i.e. to reduce risk of theft. I've never had anything stolen from my camp but I always try to remove temptation whenever possible. As for a cook stove, I take a Coleman stove that uses the Coleman canisters. I enjoy going into town for dinner some times but to save money, its great to cook in camp and fish. In Zone E when I was there last, camp fires were allowed in confined, designated areas. Firewood was tough to find though. I used BBQ briquets. Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting back to Culebra soooo much. Dave

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