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Re: Bicycle
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: MuzaiCo (
Date:   12-03-13 11:51

I did check camping rules, that’s way was asking :). I only need fire for cooking purposes, but I plan to buy small stove. I absolutely wish I could do fishing for food! I’m dreaming about it :). I know nothing about fishing or fishing equipment but I love eating fish. I really don’t want to eat junk food or spend a lot of money on good food every day for 6 weeks.
And a chill is not a problem for me! I wear t-shirts all year long (up north), even in 10F :). Yesterday I run for 1.5 hour in 36F in a t-shirt. And I’m not a runner at all, I just needed to go to the post office and my car wasn't home.
Breeze, sound of waves is what I actually want and why I want to sleep in hammock. For these reasons I don’t want to sleep in closed tent. But of course it’s possible to take the rainfly off, than the effect would be pretty much the same. Will see.
Your hammock looks great, especially for already having bug net. I already bought this hammock: based on reviews, but it doesn’t have bug net, I’m going to add it.
Was it difficult to find a place for hammock right next to the beach? That is exactly what I want!

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