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Re: Bicycle
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Arroz (
Date:   12-02-13 15:57

The bike idea is fine, the Walmart idea not so good. Our second time in Culebra we did just what you are thinking of doing. We got the bikes in the Walmart in Fajardo. The Walmart bikes were awful. It reached the point where my wife had to walk her's downhill because the brakes were so untrustworthy. I did get some parts under warranty but they arrived the day before we left. Until then it was crazy glue holding parts on. Didn't inspire confidence. BTW I am a reasonably experienced biker and do most of the work on my own bikes.

My advice, if you do go the Walmart route, don't get their least expensive bike and check it out thoroughly before you leave the store. If you don't normally do your own bike repairs, you might want to rethink the plan. If you do your own repair work, bring a repair kit. One last thought, I was able to buy replacement tubes from the bike rental on the island but you might want to bring some with you and a pump. The acacia thorns can be wicked.

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