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Museum (Museo), Culebrita and (y) Snorkeling
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Ariana (
Date:   08-29-13 11:45


Im going to culebra for the first time, I am going to have my car cause I live in the Big Island (PR) so I separated my space in the Cargo Ferry.

I am going to be there for 3 full days (and I am really excited!) LOL

I have 3 questions,

1. Museum: I want to visit the place but I only have this phone number 787-405-3768 and no one anwered my call. Want to know the hours of operation and the days. Im going to be there from Sept 5 to Sept 7.

2. Culebrita: What is the best way to get to Culebrita? and How much this cost? There is a special port to guest that want to visit Culebrita? Where is the port and $?

3. Snorkeling - there is a place where I can rent the stuff to snorkel in the water?


Estare en Culebra por primera vez. Tendre mi carro pq vivo en Puerto Rico so se me hara mas facil visitar todo lo mas que pueda.

1. Museo: me interesa visitarlo pero solo tengo el numero de telefono y nadie contesta 787-405-3768. No se si tengo el numero correcto o si solo abren fines de semanas. Me interesa saber el horario de operaciones.

2. Culebrita: me interesa visitar culebrita. Cuanto cuesta llegar y como es la mejor manera de llegar? Existe un puerto especial para visitantes, donde uno paga su boleto y llega?

3 Snorkeling - Me interesa rentar equipo para snorkel. Se puede hacer esto y donde?

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Ariana 08-29-13 11:45 
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