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Re: Dengue Fever
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Tom Ryals (
Date:   01-16-13 18:20


Thanks for the input. Good to know that cooler months under windy conditions are free of this problem.

I'm thinking of going to Culebra for good. I'm of an age where this has become possible. So I will have to deal with all seasons. Having reached advanced years with good health it's natural I should want to hang on to it.

In my youth I spent prolonged periods on Virgin Gorda and on Bequia, and had no incident, nor any serious thought of such things. Same with "breeze," as islanders call hurricanes. Never so much as a significant wind. There was no want of mosquitoes or noseeums, but in the abandon of youth, danger was not something on my radar. I do remember going through a lot of mosquito coils at night, but all of that was just part of the adventure of the tropics.

Today, of course, I know, this was simply a run of good luck. Also, through the years I have learned how fragile the thread which suspends us in life. If you have information on effective, non-toxic repellents, or personal bouts with Dengue Fever, this would be appreciated. Presently I intend to go with B1 (Thiamine.) They say loads of garlic in your diet often do the trick - if you can stand your own body odor.

All in all, I am convinced that fearlessness is one's best defense in all situations. Doubt and misgivings create vulnerability and attract trouble.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply.

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