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Good Time in Culebra!!
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: jcapestany (
Date:   05-02-12 08:43

I wanted to express my Great Experience in Culebra this past Thursday til Sunday in Culebra. We got on the Ferry in Fajardo to notice quite a change in the ticket booth changed on the side of the road, we got there 15 minutes before 2pm; finally at the Cargo Ferry we hopped to the 3rd level and grabbed some Medalla lights enjoying ourselfs just to have a nice Captain telling us to jugg it before departing and to leave the cooler on the side without drinking more lights, ( aye aye Captain! he,he,he,he ) we saw a beautiful rainbow on Luis Peña beach and some showers along a 32' sailboat with a lady captain. On to Casa Ensenada there was a lots of people just hanging or on the way to their homes. We stayed at this beautiful house with nice views of sailboats,yachts and ensenada honda spectacular scene. Next day we jumped on one of Jerry's jeeps... frankly wasnt the beautiful jeep in town but brought us nice memories when we were students in high school, we drove the entire island even at nite we went to Zoni beach and we just loved the view heck we even saw the island of St Thomas. Lots of European girls in town and even a Party Bus on the night time. One of the best times we spent it on Flamenco Beach with its tropical and snorkel was fantastic!. Dinghy Dock's Bartender on Thursday nite was quite a character specially the locals and tourists singing on Karaoke, we even got free drink shots from a lady in order to keep on goofing on the so called singers, LOL. We meet the First Lady of the Island by meere coincidence when she was painting a " Welcome to Culebra " mural with local students, we talked about the future plans for the island and things to come which i can't forward to anyone, sorry, lol.Friday nite we bought some steak skirts and sauteed in juice,oils, etc by one of my buddy whos a Chef. in the main island. Saturday we spent time at Luis Peña beach we got there by dinghy and did some snorkelling. Sunday we just lay back and got ready to get in ferry ticket line and sobbing back home. I have nothing but good things to say about Culebra, the only thing i wish is that will be more paved roads and tourism should be more exploded starting by fixing the ferries and structures. This is a Island to do nothing but sit and relax. In my opinion i will come back next year and do it all over again!


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jcapestany 05-02-12 08:43