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Re: Taz and Aquatic Adventures
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Frank (67.201.82.---)
Date:   04-25-12 11:56

This post about Taz, Ann and Aquatic Adventures ought to be required reading for every single person that has never been to Culebra and is thinking of visiting. But not for the reason some newcomers to the forum and island might think. Those that have been around awhile (most of them longer than myself) probably already know where I am going with this.

First and foremost ... for all of you that are reading the post and do not know Taz and Ann ... they are quite possibly the nicest people in the world ... not to mention very professional and capable.

Myself and my family have used Taz' "water taxi" service on several occasions and have had no problems whatsoever. Been to Luis Pena. Been to Culebrita. I don't snorkel or scuba so I would certainly remember if he couldn't get me on the damn beach. He did and I have nothing but complete confidence that he will do so in the future too.

But if the surf is rough and it's dangerous to get his boat too close to land, it's the captain of the boat's decision to do what is safe for the people on board. I wasn't there that day, but I have nothing but complete confidence that Taz did what was right.

Here's why the post in question is required reading:

Folks ... listen up. Culebra ain't luxury. Hell, it ain't even normal. In many ways it's like living in a 3rd-world country. But it's a peace of heaven where things unfold at their own pace. Some days things work out. Some days things don't work out. If you can't handle that ... go to St. Thomas and have a cabana boy bring you drinks on the beach while you sit under your umbrella.

The thing that pisses me off is that folks can come on a board like this and basically slander somebody who runs a pretty darn good business. To imply that all Taz and Ann cared about was the $90 and that they never intended to bring you to an island ... well that's just downright false. They don't have a malicious bone in their body. Are they perfect? Never a met a person or business that was. But to imply that they were ought to "swindle" you ... that tells me a lot more about you than it does about them.

I could go on and on but I will stop and end this now with a simple opinion: I think Culebra does a pretty good job weeding out those that expect too much from it.

Taz and Ann will continue to live and work on Culebra and maintain their fantastic reputation, despite posts like the above.

I'll bet you a llama that the response from the poster Zak will now be: "Let me tell you something buddy, I am not high-maintenance. I love the low key pace of life. I loved Culebra. It's my kind of place."

Really? Your post would indicate otherwise. And that's okay. Culebra isn't for most people. Not the reality fo it anyways.

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