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Sea urchins on the menu?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Drew (
Date:   03-15-12 16:57

I have been coming to Culebra for a long time with my family, my wife's mother owns a home near Mosquito Bay. Also, I'm an environmentalist and not interested in harming the local ecology in any way. That said, I am also a lover of Uni, and on some of the beaches, especially Melones, I see tons of sea urchins. My question is, do the locals harvest and eat them, do they frown upon it, or is it indeed legal...what is the local temperment when it comes to this wonderful resource.

Even if it was fine, I would probably have a hard time with it...I might take one. Last time we were at Soldier's Point there were some guys fishing, taking Trigger Fish, and it broke my heart. Those are the guys my kids love to watch when they snorkel!

We are arriving in a couple of weeks, just wondering if I might try the local sea urchins or whether that's "not on the menu" for locals...but if it's considered OK to harvest, do you need a license, and where do they prefer you to take from?

All best,

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