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Re: General request for Culebra info
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Syberchick (
Date:   02-13-12 13:02

Just returned from my first trip to Culebra and even if you are staying for a week, I would highly recommend the camping scene. The campground is gorgeous, the folks are friendly, easy access to 'flushy toilets' and 'cold-water' showers (hey, they aren't even THAT cold).

There is a good bike rental in town and pretty much everything you should want to do is easily accessible by bike or a decent hike. We highly recommend 'Henry' for his Taxi services.

There are also rental rooms just off the beach, but they are around $100+/night as opposed to the camping ($20/night/tent).

Stock up on food in town, before you hit the beach. There are several 'kiosks' at the campground entrance, and they sell everything from drinks to various food items with a general store thrown in, but the best food you're going to get is the food you make. Also, we recommend bringing a small water filter of some type for quick access to safe drinking/cooking water.

You can't beat the beaches, even when the sea is choppy and rough it's breathtakingly beautiful. I could seriously live there and many people go to stay for months at a time. Enjoy your stay on Culebra!! =D

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