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Re: Snorkeling
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Amit (148.177.1.---)
Date:   11-30-11 15:33

ouch. I wrote a long account and forgot to put in the verification code before posting, now its lost

thanks all for all the great tips ! :) We had the most awesome time in culebra, even if it was for one day.

Based on all the advice we went snorkeling with Capt Sebastian - half day snorkeling trip to culebrita, he does provide snorkel gear and life preservers, 50$ pp; and he was great !

Culebrita is a very good place to start, we could see a lot even without going into deep water - maximum depth I swam in was probably 5 ft. Also, there are some pools inland on the other side, joined to the sea by a narrow channel, there too we saw a lot of beautiful fish, just remember to wear proper footwear as the rocks are sharp. again; very shallow water - less than 5 ft.

It was a magical experience, hope can do it again soon !

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