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Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Amit (148.177.1.---)
Date:   11-11-11 11:55


I am planning a trip to Culebra towards the end of this month. I planned to do a bit of snorkeling while I am there, and as I am a total newbie, was looking for some advice.

I read through posts on this forum and it seems that the Carlos Rosario beach is one of the best places to snorkel on the island.. I was planning to cycle to Flamenco beach, and then trek over to Carlos Rosario from there.

We are a group of five people, and none of us have snorkeled before. None of us are excellent swimmers, and two of us barely swim at all. Can we snorkel there on our own ? Can we walk/ swim not too far from the shore and still get to see anything good ? Or will there be currents that could be dangerous ?
Would it be possible and advisable to rent life jackets from somewhere ?

Or, does it make sense to go snorkeling with some diving company? I made a few inquiries, it seems that we need to spend ~ 45-65 $ per person in order to hire a boat for about 4 hours to go snorkeling.. which is a bit high for us. ( I am not saying its not what the trip should cost, its just that we may not be so much into it)

Any advice is greatly appreciated :)


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