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house for rent?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Sander van der Wal (
Date:   10-26-11 18:52

Hi, another question.
As written before we will be a party of three, coming to Culebra to fly fish for a little more then a week (if the fishing is good, if not we move out to other places).

We are decent dutch folks, 2 veterinarians and a lawyer.

Or trip will be kind of "on a budget" and we like to discover stuff, cook our own meals. Sit out late on a patio, tying flies and sipping a rum or enjoying a cold beer.

Are there people around renting a little house (with kitchen, bbq etc.) or something like that for prices around 500-700 usd a week? We don't need lots of service.

Last trips we went to the Dutch Caribbean and usually we rent somebodies private house, holiday home, guest house etc. sometimes they even made up a price including car and some watercraft.

Anyone who knows of such things in Culebra?

Thanks, Sander

Whether you do or whether you don't, it often depends on the weather

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