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Zoni Estate Rental
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Alan Majka (
Date:   02-25-11 09:43

Our party of 6 rented a very private house on 25 acres with spectacular views across the infinity pool and pristine Zoni Beach off to Cayo Norte, Culubrita, St. Thomas and the Virgin Islands. The estate has a central "lodge" complete with kitchen, grill, tv, surround sound, wifi, plenty of books, 4 separate bedroom buildings and 3 bathrooms, all surrounding the pool. We rented it with 3 of the bedrooms for $3,500 per week. This place was absolutely amazing! It could have benefited from more organized and professional management, cleaning and maintenance, but then it would probably have cost more. Some aspects were quirky, like feeding the cats, but that's what one should expect on Culebra. I would also think twice about visiting with very young children because there are some precipitous drops around the decks and pool, as clearly indicated in the lease and web page. The breath-taking views are constantly changing 24/7 and you may feel there is never a reason to leave the house. The driveway is a little rough, it's 6 miles from the dusty litter strewn town, nobody cleans the pool or anything else, like the single set of towels each person gets for the week, but here again, the positives far out weigh any of that. Unspoiled, magnificent, secluded, and lighly visited, Zoni Beach is only a couple minutes drive down the hill and if a dozen people on a 2 mile long strip of white sand beach is too crowded for you, the adventurous can hike to see dramatic surf at completely desserted Brava Beach. Check for Angus Beavers's listing at Don't pay any attention to the bad rap a prior guest left, it's total BS because he got caught trying to put more people in the place than he was paying for.
I hessitate to recommend seeing Culebra before it's futher spoiled. Even though much of the island was off limits courtesy of the Defense Department, and some areas are protected, there are plans for further development. We noticed very little recycling and a mountain of trash already towers over Tamerindo Beach on the other end of the island. One must wonder what the people carrying capacity is for this tiny island and the reefs surrounding it considering the outdated thinking on environmental protection. Will long time residents and Gringo transplants have enough foresite to manage economic development so it does not destroy the very thing paying visitors come to experience?

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