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Jerry's Jeep
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: James Barrios (
Date:   02-05-11 06:07

My wife and I went to Culebra Island for one night and stayed at Flamenco beach in the Villas. We rented a jeep from Jerry's jeep what a mistake that was all of his vehicles are falling apart, the guy was very weird and hard to deal with, he was fighting on the phone with his wife or girlfriend while we were filling out the rental paperwork and he charged my credit card another $356.00 after four months of us being there, so not only was it a bad experience for us dealing with him but he stole from us too.

Next time we will use Carlos Jeeps all their Jeeps looked new and it looks like a well run establishment you will see the difference between the two places so don't give him any credit card information or rent from him over the phone check it out in person, It cost us $356.00 for a day rental.

I have all the documentation and pictures of the the piece of crap he rented to us.

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