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San Juan Transport to Ferry W/ Stop at Rain Forest FANTASTIC
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: GHarris (207.206.49.---)
Date:   06-30-10 19:02

In February we spent a fantastic week on Culebra. A friend in San Juan connected us with a wonderful driver---Luis-- he provided a very unique service. He picked us up in the morning in San Juan drove us to the El Yanque the only rain forest on US soil --where we hit the visitor center, hiked and swam under a great waterfall--then we got back in the car and continued on to Fajardo where we caught the afternoon Ferry to Culebra. Before the Ferry we even did some last minute shopping.

I'm told that there are roughly 2,500 taxis/limos in San Juan and only 60 of them have the proper certification to enter the Rain Forest. to get the certification drivers must attend classes to serve as guides and be sensitive to the forest.
Cost was very very reasonable--because tour companies charge a set fee to take tourists to rain forest, and taxis charge a fee to shuttle you to ferry --but using Luis we combined them.
I think a rain forest junket from SJ is roughly $85-100 per person. We had 4 people and the entire cost for the junket and ferry shuttle was in the neighborhood of $250 dollars--maybe less.
Plus Luis was fantastic a very good guy--friendly to our children --and very accomodating. Please call him at 787.428.2208

The next time we are in PR we will have him pick us up at airport and use for all ground transport--not worth renting a car or the taxi fees.

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