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Fajardo to SJU + camping q's
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Weston Reynolds (137.54.6.---)
Date:   02-21-10 17:29

Hi all,

First time poster, visiting Culebra with some friends for the second time in March. I have a few travel questions I am looking to get resolved. We are flying into San Juan and will probably take a taxi to the Rio Piedras transfer area and catch a publico to Fajardo. Is there a grocery store anyone can suggest in Fajardo--we will be camping at Flamenco and would like to buy food for the week prior to getting on the ferry. Once in Fajardo will we be able to get a taxi or a bus to a grocery store and then to the ferry fairly easily? Does anyone have the number for a cab driver in Fajardo who I could use? I feel as though I have a fairly good feel for the trip to Culebra, however, I'm unsure about getting back to SJU from Fajardo when my trip is over. How can I get a publico from the ferry back to the San Juan area? Having never taken the publicos before, are we crazy to try to do so? We are doing so in the interest of money as several poor college kids. What is the procedure for getting from Fajardo back to SJU?

Also, regarding camping, we intend to purchase food for the week in Fajardo upon arriving, with the intention of cooking for ourselves over a backpacking camp stove. Because you are not allowed to travel with camping fuel, what do people do about fuel for their stoves? My stove burns white gas or Coleman fuel--where can I purchase such fuel once I'm there? Is there a place on Culebra? Is there a place in Fajardo?

My apologies for the barrage of questions--just trying to iron out all the details. Can't wait to get back to Culebra! Thanks for your help.

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