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Re: Comments on proposed itinerary?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Michelle Garcia (
Date:   09-08-09 08:40

Hi Sandy,

We went to PR this past August and we did the bio bay in Fajardo - it was the most amazing thing I've ever seen - I'm a biologist and was just blown away by the bay - if your only going to Vieques for the bio bay tour you can save yourself a trip and see the one in Fajardo - you won't be disappointed. I suggest wherever you decide to do it, you do it by kayak - it was so much better of an experience seeing it up close rather than seeing it on a larger boat. Make sure you do it on a day that the moon is NOT full to get the full effect - it should be very dark out.

Also the Camuy Caves is something you absolutely don't want to miss - it was also very amazing.

We are going back to PR (my father's family lives there and they also have a get-a-way house in Culebra) in June and I can't wait. We plan on staying in Culebra for about 3 days to do some scuba diving.

If your interested in scuba diving in Culebra call Taz at Aquatic Adventures - he is stationed in Culebra and he will give you a resort course if your not certified and take you on a dive. We went diving with him in August (me, my boyfriend, and my 16 year old son are all certified divers). Taz and his wife were VERY nice people.

Have Fun!!!!


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