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diving mona island vs desecheo
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: chuck (
Date:   08-04-09 10:21

Hello all-

Sorry for posting this hee, but I've received no replies from my post on the Scubaboard forum.

I'm looking for any thoughts on the relative value of making the trip to Mona Island for no more than 1 overnight, against Dessie only - am in Puerto Rico now with family, leaving in a week. Went to Desecheo last summer with Taino, & it was awesome. Having fewer than 20 dives under my belt makes me a novice, but at least I'm comfortable in the water, should be okay with drift diving, working on refining boyancy control so my tank doesn't bonk in very tight spaces! I have read at least one source's claim that Dessie may be as good as or better than Mona, and without the 3-hour trip & 9-foot seas (though that itself could be fun with a little dramamine in me).

My sense of things concerning this question in general (based as much on extensive snorkeling as anything) is that the diving at any given site is sufficiently variable, depending on immediate local conditions and assuming at least some amount of healthy reef, that a two- or four-dive snapshot has limited predictive value; but that bottom depth somewhat dictates the upper limit of what might be seen under the best of circumstances. Would anyone agree with this unscientific opinion? And, in any case, what are the chances that I'll see significantly more spectacular stuff if I make the trip to Mona - assuming I can find a trip there in the time that remains. Have to admit, I'm not a big sponge-and-coral guy, get my biggest thrills from seeing new creatures big (turtles & a ray so far) and small or exotic (sea horses, arrow crabs, squid.) Thanks in advance for your input. Also, greetings to Llama, Debbie, and all who've helped me in the past.

ps - will post separately on our recent 4-day camping experience.


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