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How to voice your opionion about the Terruno debacle
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Culebra MJ (67.224.254.---)
Date:   07-11-09 07:30

For those of you still following the saga: The last meeting on this destructive project was held July 7th. Letters of opinion can be sent to the following person at the address listed. Voices DO count, so let yours be heard. If this project goes through, Culebra as we know it, even with all the changes over the years, will become a very different place. *They* say it will take FIFTEEN YEARS to complete. Do you want to watch the tearing up of two virgin hillsides be covered in concrete and asphalt and listen to machines for the next fifteen years? Do you want to deal with the ensuing traffic and burden on our already stressed infastructure? Do you want to put money into arrogant, disrespectful of Culebra and Culebrense's pocket (example: paraphrased - because I can't remember it exactly and it was a translation, but very close to exact - quote from Senor Dubon at the meeting; "Culebra is an area of tourism and second homes." This is a man who says he's going to HELP Culebra? Gee, did anyone ask? And who is being helped here?

In my email today was the address needed to send your letters of opinion and comment to the powers that be making deciisions on the Terruno project. This is VERY important so if you have an opinion and can respectfully and strongly state your case, please please please do so!

"Hi MJ, I'm copying and pasting the address and the reference to the case that has to be included. The 15 calendar days to submit end on the 22nd. Make sure you send a hard copy by mail with return receipt request."

Ing. Héctor Morales Vargas


Junta de Planificación

Centro Gubernamental Minillas

Ave. De Diego, Pda. 22

PO Box 41119

San Juan, Puerto Rico 00940-1119

ASUNTO: Consulta Número 2007-77-0047-JPU

Barrio Playa Sardinera II del Municipio de Culebra

Estimado señor Presidente y miembros de la Junta:

[your letter and signature follows here]

Save What's Left!

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