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Wonderful Place To Stay
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Josh S (
Date:   06-12-09 10:57

Culebra is one of the most magical and beautiful places to visit. After travelling the world, and seeing beaches everywhere, very few places have the charm of the small island. The community is just amazing and quite quickly and easily island life becomes a part of you.

During the weeklong stay, the island was wonderful. It is the most romantic place. Staying at Tamarindo Estates was a perfect place to be outside of the main town, but close enough to the important places. Karen and John at Tamarindo Beach Cottages were amazing and help make the trip one of the most amazing experiences. Both were so friendly and helpful. They arranged for a private visit, for almost nothing, to Culebrita where the island was empty other than us, and the light house. Wow! Then the snorkeling on the island was amazing. Off of Culebrita and off of Tamarindo's private beach were the best points with the most spectacular coral and sea life.

Culebra is one of those hidden gems in the Caribbean. It is one of the best places on the planet, and I wish I could have never left. The little tiny island will be the spot that to dream about when needing a tiny escape. Thank you!

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