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Trip Report
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Jermey (
Date:   04-01-09 17:17

Oh another addicted traveler to Culebra. Can't say enough good things about this place. I was pretty excited to have found it after listening to tourists on the flight back home complaining about how busy crowded mainland was. We used John's Publico and he was great took care of us there and back from the ferry. He was the cheapest we could find and was excellant. We spent a couple days at Culebra Beach Villas and it was very good. The workers there definetly let you be to yourselves. Don't expect a lot of extra plush comforts here but you are right on Flamenco and the cats/dogs/roosters where not as bad as we were expecting. Luckily there were other people there that thought they were cute and decided to feed them. They quickly realized the error of there ways when they couldn't get them to leave:) The bugs were not bad at all and weather was a bit windy but beats the snow that welcomed me back to MN:( The definete gem of the trip was when we went to Bahia Marina. The service was MUCH MUCH more then I was expecting and you can not help but have a good time there. Luis, Juan, Nelli, Stephanie, Nicole, and Angelica all went way above and beyond to make it feel like they were not serving you but were good friends who were apart of your vacation and wanted to take care of you. It was a blast and I almost got that Medalla neon sign!!!! We met friendly wonderful people everywhere we turned. Even found a local guy who lent us a boogie board, cooler, and paddles for the week. Thanks Mario! While relaxing with the fine looking ladies they hire to work there;) we happen to run into Captian Bill who talked us into going out on his fishing and snorkeling outing and it was outstanding! Although I was too man enough to take the Dramamine which caused us to have to come back to safer waters a little early it was still so much fun and would recommend highly spending the extra money to have him cook your meal for ya. It was DELICIOUS!!!! Also you have to rent a Jeep on the island just to experience island driving...WOW that was something I won't soon forget!!! I could seriously go on and on about this place. Miss it already and can't wait to go back!! You need to know and not want the nightlife scene going into a trip here but I think they get started a little earlierer in the day with their partying so by the time 10-11PM come around you are ready to hit the sack. Oh yeah Mamacita's on Conga night. Wow those Puerto Ricans can dance! Hope this helps those on the fence to coming. If not, don't care, more room on the island for me and my family! Thanks for people on this site who made the trip easy to plan and stress free!

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Re: Trip Report
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Jeannie G3 (
Date:   04-01-09 19:04

Hola! Glad to know that you had a wonderful time. Viva Puerto Rico y Culebra! Happy travels! J


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