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Making $$ in Culebra
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Miki (
Date:   11-18-08 18:25

I think I have read more of these forums today than I have in my whole life!

My family and I are (hopefully) relocating to either Culebra or Vieques next summer. It will be my boyfriend, two 8 year old girls and myself. We will be home-schooling the girls and doing some volunteer work with the Wildlife Refuge. Us adults have gotten to the point that living here on the mainland US is doing nothing but bringing us down. We are completely ready to leave everything we know to make our dream come true. We have talked it over with the girls, and everyone is ready to go! The only thing we are having a hard time figuring out is making money on the island. I know the best option would be to just go down there and see what happens, but that may not be the best with the kiddos. I, for one, can go without eating for a while, but there is no way I'm letting my kid go hungry! Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


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