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culebra 1st time
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: robyn carroll (
Date:   11-05-08 20:52

we ( mom 53,dad 63 and two sons 27&25) are heading to PR nov 22-28.Planning on staying in San Juan fri and sat eve renting a car to rainforest and then to Culebra ..sooo?? should we stop one night after the rainforest and then take the ferry? of just take a long hike on sunday and then continue to the ferry? is there any night life on Culebra for the 20 plus son's ? they don't need much but i'm sure 5 nights of cards with mom and dad is not their idea of a great time ..the parents love seclusion and are hoping to rent a house or something but will we be too isolated? .. hoping to be with locals and be laid back .. any suggestions on locations or any advice? thanks looking forward to sand ,ocean ,snorkeling and exploring

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Re: culebra 1st time
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Mort (
Date:   11-06-08 09:03

You won't be able to bring your rental car to Culebra. Not only is it likely prohibited by the rental car company but you have only a small chance of success on the cargo ferry.

You can rent a car on Culebra.

No place is isolated on Culebra if you have a rental car. It's a small island. If you won't have a rental car, then you should get a place in walking distance of town.

You're going during Thanksgiving week, so everything in town will be open. But be prepared for crowds.

There is "nightlife" at Mamacita's, meaning a bar/restaurant and once in awhile even dancing. There's also Dinghy Dock, which is a bar/restaurant. But this ain't Manhattan, that's for sure.

There are many posts and articles describing the nature of Culebra and what types of visitors tend to like it and who tends to dislike it. It's worth the time to search through threads over the past few months, and to Google Culebra for articles.

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Re: culebra 1st time
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Cindy Nelson (
Date:   11-06-08 22:07

Robyn, nightlife in Culebra is what you make, things can get really jumping at Mamacita's though! As for the long hike, the rainforest is a beautiful place and worth the long hike, definitely! You might look into booking a room at the Fajardo Inn, it is a wonderful hotel and usually can accommodate just about anyone for a pretty reasonable price, within minutes of the Ferry dock in Fajardo and only about 45 minutes drive (at the very most,) from the rainforest. If you have the time, go to the rainforest and then spend the night at the Fajardo Inn, they have a couple of pools, sauna, bar and restaurant as well as mini golf where you have to play around the iguanas! You can take a taxi in the morning to the Ferry and then spend the rest of the day on Culebra. Keep in mind, (if you've never been there before,) Island time is not ever being in a hurry for anything... We will be there for the 3rd time next week and we love it, I hope you enjoy it as much as we have!

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Re: culebra 1st time
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Jeannie G3 (
Date:   11-07-08 09:50

Hola Robyn!
Here is the website for El Yunque, the rainforest: There's info about the trails and how much time it takes to hike and what there is to see. It is certainly a place you should miss if you have the time to go through. Enjoy! Happy travels! J


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Re: culebra 1st time
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: ZoĆ« Vars (
Date:   11-11-08 21:24

I'd agree with Cindy. If you do the hike, spend the night in Fajardo. The Inn is very nice and you'll have a more relaxed time getting to Culebra.
On Culebra, based on what you're looking for I might suggest going with a house. There are some that are closer to town. We've stayed at the Pastel House and found it an easy walk into town and a not so difficult stagger back. It's secluded, but not isolated. There are other places like that too. And we had a great time at night (we were in our early 30's our first trip) Mamacita's can be a great place, but dinner at Juanita Bananas is also good. There's usually a young crowd at the pizza place on the main street from the ferry and the crowd is usually pretty easy to meet and have fun with every where you go.

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