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Re: transportation 11/7/08
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Jeannie G3 (
Date:   11-05-08 11:20

Hola! I researched this not too long ago. Taking vans/publicos all the way from the San Juan airport to Rio Piedras to Fajardo is very cheap, especially now since the AMA, the public bus transportation is free until the end of the year. I would stop at the Tourism office at the San Juan Airport to find out which AMA buses you have to take to get to Rio Peidras. These sometimes change bus numbers and routes. Here is what I found out at the Airport Tourism office:

"Public transportation all the way will take you hours to arrive to Fajardo, but may be cheap. Once you arrive at the Luis Munoz Marin airport, go to the second floor to PARADAS to take the AMA or bus B-40 (this is what may have changed; consult either the personnel at the Tourism office or the people at AMA bus stop to find out the bus you have to board) to Rio Piedras terminal. Fare is 75 cents (fare is now free until the end of the year). The bus is very cheap but somewhat unreliable. They go on strike every other week. At the Rio Piedras terminal, take a publico to Fajardo (Pueblo). Fare is between $20-25, maybe less. Once you're in the town of Fajardo, take another publico to the pier, fare will be $10 or less. There might be a direct publico between Rio Piedras terminal to the Fajardo pier, ask. These fares depend on gas prices which is almost 80 cents/liter, very high (gas prices have changed). Then ferry to Culebra, $2.25 one way, about 1 1/2 hour trip may be more depending on sea conditions. Less than $40 for the trip to Culebra."

Good luck. Let us know of your adventures. Happy travels! J


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