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Re: Ciguatera?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Debbie (
Date:   09-29-08 21:42

Food - such a dilemma. . .

It depends, in my opinion, on how it was farmed. Offshore farming, like that conducted in Culebra (not sure if they are still raising Cobia there or not - I hear differing news and do not know first-hand) seems to be done in an environmentally friendly manner and without the use of hormones.

On-shore (or close to shore) farm operations, from what I've read, do pollute the environment. I have no knowledge of whether fish farms dope up their product with antibiotics as the US allows with other animals raised for consumption.

I don't eat much fish because I don't much care for it, but in any event, as with all food I eat, I am careful about where it comes from.

I should also say - to echo Jeannie's post - if you eat what you catch, or you know it is local, it is much better than just ordering off a menu in the Caribbean and assuming that it is local. Always ask!

P.S. to Jeannie - I am working on a trip report for our recent trip around the island, and Cabo Rojo was absolutely, hands-down, my favorite stop. How you can stand to live here, I will never understand. . . LOL!

Happy Diving!

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