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Re: Club Seabourne v. Bahia Marina
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: gina and sal (
Date:   09-25-08 12:39

Hi We stayed at Club Seabourne in July.

I thought it was nice. The bedroom was clean and it was not crowded at all there was only one other couple there in the villa across the path.

Getting into town was hectic sometimes because of how narrow and bendy the streets were so we were always cautious to do like 10 miles an hour around villa boheme area.

The pool cool of used some daily attention but I didn't mind skimming it. Like I said we were basically the only ones there the whole time.

I wanted to check out bahia marina since it was right up the road from us but we never got the chance too.

I picked club seabourne because it was away from heavily traveled roads.
So in that regard it wasn't a bad choice having picked it blindly. Although Jerry did bust them somewhat saying i was staying at a resort.

I have pictures i can email you if you'd like of our villa.

Hope this helps. I would stay there again because i really liked the location.


ps reply here because the email listed for me is no longer correct

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