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The current weather in Culebra

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Re: first time diver
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: wirvier (
Date:   08-28-08 22:38

Thanks guys....very interesting. I am truly surprised to hear what you all have posted. Mort - 30' is not much different from 15'... I'll believe that when I experience it, but something interesting to think about. Debbie - no worries... there is no WAY I'm interested in going deeper than 30'. Jeff - interesting... I did't think about the ear it completely comfortable once you preassurize your ears, or is there always a little pressure? This is my husband and my first carribean trip... we only vacation in europe to visit friends & family... I don't see us going back again soon... but the way you guys all talk about craving culebra, our vacation habits may change!

So a couple more questions (sorry if they sound silly!)... is it sunny down there at 30'? Are there any fish (or sharks!) that would make you nervous? I imagine myself not panicing completely, but being very anxious "down there"!! eeek... just thinking about it makes adrenaline shoot to my heart!!

Another question I have been wondering about... many people talk about the golf carts & scooters that are available on the island, but people only talk about their experience with renting jeeps. What's the deal with golf carts & scooters... sounds like a fun vacation experience to me... what's the up/downside to these 2 options?

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