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Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Vicki moore (
Date:   05-11-08 09:50

Myself, DD and DH will be arriving at SJU at 3:10PM 7/19. DH and DD are taking taxi to Fajardo to catch the 7PM ferry. I wanted to ride with them to Fajardo and catch a flight after 5PM to Culebra, but have been unable to find out if there is actually a flight that leaves this late on this Sat. I have a couple of questions: Could the taxi drop me at Isla Grande prior to taking DD and DH to ferry dock in Fajardo? How much out of the way would this be and how much extra would I expect to pay for it? Would it be cheaper to take taxi to Isla Grande myself or to just catch a flight out of SJU since there will only be one of me? I am flying over early to pick up our rental car and buy groceries prior to picking up DH and DD at ferry dock on Culebra.

Vicki in Tennessee

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