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Re: Suggestions on Places
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Jody (
Date:   04-17-08 13:05

We just returned from a wonderful 5 days on Culebra, and were quite happy staying at Culebra Island Villas ( We stayed in the Tamarindo apartment, which has three single beds in two connected rooms (without a door between them though) and simple kitchen/bath accommodations. It is not a hotel - there is no office or desk and we never saw any staff (they simply leave the key in the door for you), but that worked great for us. Our villa was $110/night.

For some reason we had a hard time finding consistently good reviews about this place, so I just wanted to report that we really enjoyed our stay there. Some of the things we especially liked: the location was perfect, about a km from town so an easy bike ride or walk, but far enough out to be quiet and relatively private; the deck and view were fantastic (the sunrises!); great breezes from the bay; the beds were comfortable; the rooms were clean and simple; there was a dock nearby we could swim from. Things we liked less: we did not have a grill, despite being told we would have a shared one with the villa next door (there was no grill to be found anywhere); there were no blankets available, only sheets (this didn't turn out to be a problem but would have been an issue for me if I were sleeping alone. Probably would not be an issue at all in June, though!). Also, the deck is shared with another similar sized villa, so privacy should not be of utmost importance (and it's probably not a great place to stay if you want to be noisy, either) - we had a great neighbor and made good friends, so it worked out for us.

Thank you Michael! And good luck to you Zach.


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