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Fantastic Trip!!
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Will & Kelly (
Date:   04-06-08 22:35

Got back last week from a fabulus trip to Culebra & wanted to share the highlights!
Casa Pueblo & Culebra Island Realty - great place, perfect location for us! Jim helped us figure it all out when we got in, which was helpful!
Beaches, snorkling (my first time) with some pointers from the wonderful ladies at the dive shop
Bushwackers at Mamacitas
Wonderful fishing with Chris
Perfect coffee and breakfasts at Pandeli and fresh sandwiches at El Eden. We rented a car from Carlos Jeeps. It was great, but we returned it a little early so that we could hike around a little more on our last day. We enjoyed walking to the beaches closer to town. Everyone told us that the water was not at its best, as it was still clearing up from a week of storms, but we thought it was perfectly gorgeous! I could go on and on (obviously). Took the plane there, the ferry back - enjoyed both, but flying is sure faster! On our night in Old San Juan, we stayed at the Gallery Inn....very fun and funky! In my mind, I'm still evidenced by the amount of work I did NOT get finished this week! Can't wait for our return visit!

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