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Toooooo Funny!
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Chris of Florida (
Date:   04-03-08 16:53

Hello Posters of an awesome "local" website....kudos!! Though, what is "local" on the great web internets anyway?? Some chica from Siberia might be posting as "Island Cutie" or some other seductive pseudonym. But then again, with your personal, unique [(and most appreciated) COLORFUL] insights - it is certainly apparent that ya'll knowith whatith you speakith! Who needs an official (official meaning - "you can't do this you can't do that") tourism board, when you've got a respectful (though seemingly irreverant - which is a GROOVY thing:) small clan of hosts kindly and nicely laying out what to expect from Culebra. And kindly and nicely framing how eagers tourists shouldn't "rock the boat" too much and leave Culebra the way they luckily found it. VERY COOL!

Aside from the plethora of up-to-date info (old, usless info blows....just read a Fodors travel guide:), your banter is freakin' pretty funny and I catch myself sniggling outloud. Keep up the good work...though can you really call it "work" when you're simply forwarding first hand, actually earned knowledge (by imbibing at the local pubs after stepping of your dinghy and then later toeing the white sands...c'mon - be fair:).

I am fortunate enough to have parents that bought a house in Maunabo (SE Corner) in PR. It's in the mountains (gorgeous) and just a short trip to the beach, which is our heaven away from Florida. But I certainly can't complain about the beaches here on the West Coast of Florida (Siesta Key, Honeymoon Island, etc.)...some of the world's best. It's simply the utter "relaxability" of certain parts of PR that reigns supreme. This summer, we (me and the wifey) plan to come to PR for a whole month and we certainly plan to spend some righteous time in Culebra, of which we have not yet experienced. From what "the clan" alludes to, Culebra is our cup of tea...or better yet our Corona....woops I mean our Medalla (still w/ a lime, though!) Lookin' forward to reading your posts here and there and, hopefully (as one could only hope to aspire) achieve in the near future the personal, unique and colorful knowledge of your Paradise in the Sun! And even more hopefully we get to experience the ubiquity of your "Culebra Ease"....that MJ, Richard, Mort, Frank, Doug and Michael seem to bleed. Hope to clang cans with some of you sooner than later!



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