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Re: Aquatic Adventure Advisory
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Jim Cox (
Date:   03-05-08 11:01

(1) Do not give any weight to a person's attacks that are based upon secondhand information (commonly known as gossip). Three out of four paragraphs from Vince fall into this category.

(2) Dive with Taz. My neighbor and I dove with Taz last October (2007) for two full days. I have been diving for 30+ years, so I have sampled many captains and dive masters. I found Taz to be an extremely competent dive professional and a wonderful host. We had a great time diving with Taz and recommend him to divers of all levels.


I have a comment about the forum too. These kinds of posts can clearly have an impact on someone’s business. While I understand letting someone express their feelings about their firsthand experience with a dive operator, three paragraphs of gossip are not of value to your readers. Suggesting the reader “can make up their mind” is a nice statement to hind behind, but I would prefer a forum administrator to be responsible. In this case it would not take much to ask the other parties for their firsthand accounts (e.g., Walter). If that is too time consuming, I would trust a forum more that edited out the gossip (second hand information). That doesn’t mean people couldn’t leave negative comments, but they should be limited to what they experienced – not every story they can come up with to take a cheap shot a someone.

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