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Re: four days on Culebra
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: MJ (
Date:   11-07-07 13:18

I'll mention too that the glass bottom boat is a lot of fun. Pat is a great captain & guide. For the non-snorkel types - though she offers that as well - it is a chance to see what is down there without getting wet (but you should absolutely get in the water if you can on one of the beaches she'll take you to).
During season when things get busy around here, we're lucky to have a few different people available for a variety of boating, scuba and snorkling activities; don't be afraid to ask. While prices vary, competence, safety and enjoyment are the hallmarks of who I know and recommend offering those services, Taz, Pat of Tanama & Walter & Monica of Culebra Divers...(there is fishing, yoga, and kayaking too...what does yoga have to do with boating? You'll have to call Anthony the yoga guy to find out!)
It isn't hard to get a better deal on rooms during slow season, but I wouldn't count on it as we get closer to Thanksgiving and the true start of the busy season.

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