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Trip Report 4/07
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: tracy (
Date:   04-24-07 10:22

First i would like to thank the person who created this forum. It was enormously helpful for me and my family in planning the trip. We went to Culebra over spring break and it was simply wonderful. With the exception of the very yucky house we stayed in by accident ...we could not be happier with the island. Our favorite event was seeing a wild pack of horses hangin out in our driveway one morning. It was amazing. Flamenco beach was the nicest beach we have ever been too. The kids had the time of their lives and so did we. Especially after we rented buggie boards, the waves were great. It was also nice to plan on eating lunch at the beach, the sword fish and plantains on a skewer were really yummy. We ate at the bakery a few times for breakfast and that was good and we tried all the restaurants ....mammasitas, juanitas etc... It was simply a magical island and also the local police were very very nice. One last highlight.....landing on Culebra in that little plane was a thrill and i mean wow!!!!!!!!!

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