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 1. Chef Richie? zzzzoni    03-02-15 11:03
Can't wait for 12 days in beautiful Culebra! Is Chef Richie running a restaurant on the island these days? We met him when he was at Tamarindo Estates back in the day, and then he was at the C

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 2. sea breeze hotel Pam Schnebelen    10-01-14 01:19
Is this the former Costa Bonita?

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 3. Brush fire? Sean T Kraft    03-18-14 20:53
Hi, I noticed a medium sized brush fire must have happened on Culebra near the Costa Bonita resort. Does anyone know how common fires are on the island, this is the first one I have seen

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 4. Sea Breeze Hotel S.V.I bound    11-08-12 15:12
I see this resort is reopened. This used to be Costa Bonita, correct? Is the property fully operational? If so, is it worth a visit for dinner, swim in the pool? What kind of feedback can

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 5. Re: staying in town vs the beaches Linda H    08-09-12 01:01
While the best views are certainly on the hills by Zoni, etc., there are places near town that have relatively nice views. Check the location of the various rental properties -- if you are up on a hi

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 6. Re: Cotto vs Mayweather Frank    04-27-12 14:25
Tough one. There is a chance that El Batey will have it ... I watched a fight out at Costa Bonita a few years back but that place is a ghost town now. Or call Bahia Marina and ask them i

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 7. Re: Our first visit to Culebra Debbie    04-24-12 18:52
This is the same place as Costa Bonita which recent post said has recently filed bankruptcy AGAIN. I really think that's about 4 times now. Highly recommend you find other accommodations. The ferry

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 8. Plans messed up by last minute cancellation - help us find accomidations please? Jonathan Rivers    04-24-12 16:19
Hi Everyone, My name is Jon and I've been browsing these forums frequently for the last couple of months. I'm in a desperate situation right now because me and my girlfriend have our hear

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 9. Renting a Tent? jackie paddock    01-12-12 20:03
Can you tell me if there is a place that rents tents. We are currently staying @ Costa Bonita but my son really wants to camp out. We would like to camp for a week but, we have no tent.

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 10. Re: advice for Feb trip. Tentative 1st to 8th jackie paddock    01-12-12 18:49
Hi there! I am currently on the island of Culebra and I am looking for a roommate. I am staying @ the Seabreeze/Costa Bonita. I will be here until the 8th. If you are interested call me, it's just me

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 11. Seabreeze/Costa Bonita jackie paddock    01-12-12 10:14
Wow....Food is OUTSTANDING, pool is breathtaking and prices are fair! I highly reccomend everyone try this place!

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 12. Re: Restaurants in Culebra Debbie    07-08-11 20:55
I remember Alicia asking you about this before. See Actually, re

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 13. Re: Lodging??? PLEASE HELP! Debbie    05-10-11 12:02
Costa Bonita is not recommended (do a search here for info rather than having it explained again (the topic brings out the worst in some of us - LOL)). Green Villas would be nice; nice lo

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 14. Lodging??? PLEASE HELP! Natalie Hartman    05-10-11 11:32
Your assistance would be very much appreciated! I am looking for a place to stay in Culebra in August. However, once I think I have found a place that looks perfect, I start reading the reviews and a

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 15. Re: Costa Bonita Maria Barco Services    01-15-11 11:00
Well I can gladly say "Yes" there is a new Administrator in Costa Bonita. The Condominiun has improve so much. The pool is very clean, very nice. Though always remember these apartments are owned by i

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 16. Re: Costa Bonita SunnyBabe    01-15-11 05:29
Lorena You said it's the best, but the named a lot of reasons why most people would not call that the best. I think there are plenty of places that have screens and have freezers in their

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 17. Re: Costa Bonita Debbie    01-13-11 22:10
Michie B is open/cooking at the Tamarindo Resort alongside a guy name Hector Feliciano, who is not only a great chef, but a comedian as well (and claims to be Jose Feliciano's brother, the musician wh

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 18. Re: Costa Bonita: Best I've been on Culebra Lorena    01-13-11 10:48
Haha. I have lived in four places since I've been here and Costa Bonita is the BEST I've been. Here are some VERY minor issues. 1. No screens on windows, no cross breeze (no windows excep

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 19. Re: Costa Bonita SunnyBabe    01-13-11 01:00
Did I hear Michie is open again?

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 20. Re: Costa Bonita deborahclens    06-25-10 10:32
Yes regrettably this probleme is enough frequent...

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 21. Re: Costa Bonita SunnyBabe    06-23-10 04:29
Well I guess it's true Michie B's closed, couldn't pay the rent because there was not enough business. that is a shame because on trip advisor Michie B's was getting good ratings. I think they ar

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 22. Re: Costa Bonita Doug    06-21-10 12:17
No. I'm saying that Costa Bonita was built against the wishes of nearly everyone in Culebra, using unethical business practices to obtain permitting, and careless contruction methods that violated US

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 23. Re: Costa Bonita Alberto    06-19-10 08:58
Ok Doug, so you are saying that there is fear that if Costa Bonita, it's restaurant, or anything related to the CONDO becomes a success, then other big developments will try to imitate Costa Bonita's

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 24. Re: Costa Bonita Culebra MJ    06-18-10 15:56
Doug, beautifully put. Thanks.

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 25. Re: Costa Bonita Doug    06-18-10 12:12
I don't think the issue is wanting the restaurant to fail; it is more a fear that the four or five other developments that are being attempted, using the same illegal and community-insensitive methods

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 26. Re: Costa Bonita shawke    06-17-10 18:46
Excellent post Alberto. How can it be satisfying to watch someone try hard and fail? Someone who gets pleasure from this never tries, never dreams, never hopes. What a waste....

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 27. Re: Costa Bonita Alberto    06-16-10 23:07
Update on Michi B's: The last time I was at Costa Bonita was about 4 weeks ago. The restaurant was hosting the graduation party of Culebra's elementary school. A group of students

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 28. Re: Question about employment please read if you know about the island SunnyBabe    06-15-10 05:55
Try Costa Bonita, I hear their restaurant is closing.

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 29. Re: Costa Bonita SunnyBabe    06-15-10 05:52
Alberto would you please give us an update on Michie B's?

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 30. Re: Miguel Cotto vs Yuri Foreman Mysia Chabert    06-10-10 14:38
Thank you Michi's Bar @ Costa Bonita!!!!! we had a great time watching the fight and you guys treated us really good! ;)

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