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 1. Re: camping with a dog William Keyworth    03-02-16 04:46
hi michael, the house is up by club seaborne. una casita amarilla en la colina :) cheers

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 2. Re: where to stay Donna Pickard    02-04-14 13:21
I think you need to narrow down what you are looking for. Probably 95% of the people that have posted/answered on this forum have stayed on Culebra, either tenting at Flamenco, at a gu

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 3. Re: Hotel without car Doug    04-17-13 14:37
A fun, funky place to stay that might meet your needs is Casita Tropicale. It's run by Molly and Jerry, who can, if you like, show you all the interesting ways to enjoy your first stay. If you are j

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 4. Re: Culebra vs. Vieques rachael kalabokes    10-17-12 13:01
it depends on what exactly you want to be doing on your vacation. culebra is a very quiet, laid back island. most of the beaches aside from flamenco are private. flamenco has its kiosks w

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 5. Re: Mamacita's Guest House - I hope I haven't made a mistake! Arroz    05-17-12 08:20
On one visit we rented La Casita, right smack in the heart of town. Human noise was rarely a problem. On the other hand, the roosters seem to prefer not to wait for the sun to come up to start annou

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 6. Re: Plans messed up by last minute cancellation - help us find accomidations please? Doug    04-25-12 11:27
In addition to the places Debbie mentioned, Posada La Hamaca has rooms to fit your needs for under $100. Casita Tropicale's owners are very good at interacting with first-time visitors and if you are

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 7. Re: Plans messed up by last minute cancellation - help us find accomidations please? Debbie    04-24-12 18:50
Seriously, how many times has that placed filed bankruptcy? Click on Shelter over on the left, and search by $ sign. Palmetto, Villa Fulladoza, Casita Tropical, Kokomo, Casa Ensenada and Villa Bohem

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 8. Re: Puerto Rican local life experience? Frank S.    03-20-12 21:46
a friend of mone has a casita on a hillside On Vieques. She is looking for a long term resident to watch over it and live in it. it has nu plumbing or electricity, but its a very cool place.

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 9. Re: Iguana hunters Drew    04-13-11 10:33
Hi Debbie, thanks so much. Casita Iguana looks great, we will stop by...bonus, we're always looking for places for guests and the Casita could be just the ticket! Doug, we'll check out t

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 10. Re: Iguana hunters Debbie    04-12-11 18:25
In Muneco, there is a house called Casita Iguana, because SO many iguanas hang out in that area. I see them around that area all the time. They hang out around water (there's a stream behind this pa

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 11. Re: bike riding conditions? rentals? favorite sandy beach? Linda H    03-20-11 22:57
We didn't really have any problems with traffic. It's not exactly congested, and the roads are in too poor a shape for anyone to go too fast, although we did encounter one guy on the road to Zoni who

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 12. Re: possibly moving to Culebra Molly and Jerry    02-24-11 06:52
Jen, Molly and I are the owners of Casita Tropical Guesthouse. We have it on the market for a reasonable price, you can see it at clasificadosonline and tripadvisor. It may be a good opportuni

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 13. Re: walking the island of Culebra Vicki moore    02-08-11 19:46
We stayed in a casita on the road just past the museum. It was a challenge even getting back there to our rental with all the flooding.

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 14. Re: Trip to Culebra in June Linda H    11-04-10 08:52
The island is small enough that you are never that far from town or most beaches if you have a car. We have stayed in vacation homes about a mile or so from town (different neighborhoods each time) b

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 15. Trip Report July 17-24 Vicki moore    08-10-10 21:44
We spent the week of July 10 on Vieques and took the 9AM Air Flamenco flight from Vieques to Culebra. We grabbed our bags and went across the street to get our "jeep" from Jerry. Although I still had

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 16. Re: Casitas La Perlitas Debbie    05-26-10 13:40
I don't have an answer for you, but googled this, and they look so cute! And very inexpensive!

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 17. Casitas La Perlitas Vicki moore    05-25-10 23:38
Has anyone ever stayed here? They look really nice and isolated, which is what we want. On the road to Brava. Great prices, as well. TIA.

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 18. Re: Costa Bonita DAVID BREWBAKER    04-09-10 22:22
I am David Brewbaker and I own and rent Casa Mango a 2 and 3 bedroom rental on Culebra across the harbor from Costa Bonita. My 1st experience at Costa Bonita was during the 1st Culebra Internationa

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 19. Casita Tropical Guesthouse available for 2 guests April 1-8 jerry l    03-29-10 12:49
Hi folks, we just had a cancellation, we now have the queen efficieny available from April 1-8. For reservations please call 412-519-7896 or email

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 20. Re: Culebra Fishing jerry l    01-04-10 06:23
Dave, I do trips aboard my 34' Jeanneau sailboat which is set up for deep-sea fishing with a small walk-around aftdeck,outriggers,livebaitwell & more. I have been living and fishing here for o

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 21. Re: Day sailing??/ is it available? jerry l    01-02-10 06:59
Scot, I do sailing/fishing trips aboard my bright green 34' Jeanneau Sunrise. The boat is outfitted for day sails or island trips with a small aft deck and outriggers for deep-sea fishing . I

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 22. Re: Hotel Kokomo Jeannie G3    10-29-09 19:37
Hola! I have read reports on this website about Kokomo and they are all over the place. The last that was said was that the owner was renovating but there has not been any recent postings about any gu

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 23. Town or Away from Town? James Thompson    09-10-09 00:33
I am traveling with a girlfriend to Culebra next week. I quickly need to secure a place to stay. It looks like there are condos near town (ie. within 100 yards of the dock) or casitas further out ne

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 24. Casita Tropical Efficiencies Available for this weekend Casita Tropical    07-21-09 06:25
Casita Tropical just had a cancelation for this weekend July 24-27. Efficiencies are available.

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 25. Re: Casita La Perlita Rob Breeden    06-18-09 10:11
THANKS!!! lol....Lighthouse Bar & Grill! I think I will bring my six pack cooler of Medallas just in case the place is closed! lol I missed the "baths" last time I visited the island...

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 26. Re: Casita La Perlita Geronimo    06-18-09 08:39
I suggest Willy. He has a nice new reliable boat. Takes you out in the morning and drops you off. Comes back in the afternoon at your specified time and picks you up. Never had a problem with him.

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 27. Re: Casita La Perlita Rob Breeden    06-17-09 17:40 topic.....visiting Culebrita! As I am certain this has been a discussion topic prior, I would like to find out everyone's most current suggestions on the best way to visit Culebrita.

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 28. Re: Casita La Perlita Geronimo    06-04-09 11:50
But there is no Bottle and Cork in Dewey, Culebra?!?!?

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 29. Re: Casita La Perlita Rob Breeden    06-04-09 08:32
OK....I just returned from Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and let me tell you, it has made me anxious to come to Culebra even more than before. Boardwalks, video games, obnoxious ladies with strollers, oh

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 30. Re: Casita La Perlita Geronimo    05-29-09 16:57
The house is a goat sanctuary. And now also a WiFi transmission site. I don't think the goats mind, they get free internet.

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