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 1. Xavier and Ali the best Mike Peltier    11-08-19 16:27
I visited Culebra mid-October with one of my sons. Really liked experience. Received outstanding help from Xavier (taxi driver) and Ali (Jerry's Jeeps). Thank you both for your help. - Mike

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 2. Re: February 2018 Nick & Michelle    12-04-17 13:23
Thanks sooooo much for the detailed update, Geronimo!! Just spoke to Jerry's Jeeps and made our reservations for April :) Hoping to book Seaborn as soon as they post flights

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 3. New Year's Day transportation. Janet Dtantirojanarat    05-06-16 19:13
I"m coming to Culebra for Christmas and leaving on New Year's Day. I am told everything is closed New Year's Day and I'm wondering how I can get to the airport to get back to San Juan. Do the Gua-G

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 4. Re: Week in Culebra!!! Kevin C    01-22-16 14:47
You can get your golf carts from Jerry's jeeps or Carlos Jeeps. I like Jerry. He's a good guy, so that's always my preference. Enjoy Culebra! We are on the west coast of the big island an

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 5. Re: Car rental Kevin C    10-15-15 20:14
Yes there are rental agencies at the airport. And if they're not there, you can walk easily to both Jerry and Carlos. Give Jerry's jeeps a call now and make your reservation and they'll pick you up at

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 6. Flying with Toddlers? Elle    01-06-15 12:44
Hi. It's been a few years (6) since we've been to Culebra but we're thinking it's high time we came back. In those years since we've had twins, now 2 yeas old, and while we've flown with them before e

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 7. Re: auto rental Doug    12-27-14 12:41
I don't think there are any banger rentals remaining. Jerry's is now run by his son who changed the fleet to new Jeeps such as Carlos rents.

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 8. Re: Culebra Ferry Tickets Arroz    01-27-14 14:34
If you book a car from Jerry's jeeps far enough in advance, they will get ferry tickets for you and mail them to you. I don't know if there is a charge for the service.

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 9. Re: Jerry's Jeeps buys ferry tickets JeffandMary    09-15-13 02:16
So, it is true. Jerry will buy you ferry tickets in advance. He's doing it for us the week of Thanksgiving. This is a great service.

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 10. Re: Jerry's Jeeps buys ferry tickets Hector Ramos    09-09-13 11:51
Please note: unless something has changed since August 2012 no one can purchase ferry tickets ahead of time, let alone mailing the tickets to you. However, during high season there are locals in Fajar

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 11. Re: GPS In Culebra shawke    08-05-13 20:38
Jerry's Jeeps will provide you with a GPS. It's an older model, but works well on Culebra.

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 12. Re: Jerry's Jeeps buys ferry tickets Geronimo    07-21-13 11:10
I have done that in the past ie have someone else (a local) purchase ferry tickets for me and mail them to me in the States.

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 13. Re: Jerry's Jeeps buys ferry tickets Michael    07-10-13 15:29
sure sounds like a very valuable service; maybe evena business idea! anyone?

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 14. Jerry's Jeeps buys ferry tickets sproulls    07-10-13 13:41
I was talking with Jerry's Jeeps the other day (making plans for an upcoming trip to Culebra) and the fellow mentioned that they now have the ability to purchase ferry tickets several weeks in advance

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 15. Re: Jerry's Jeeps Phone Number Arroz    01-18-13 15:48
Those are the numbers I have reached Jerry at.

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 16. Jerry's Jeeps Phone Number Nick & Michelle    01-18-13 09:17
Hi, I just tried calling Jerry and received voice mail. I want to make sure I am using the correct numbers: 787-742-0587, 787-742-0526 If they have changed or if anyone knows any ne

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 17. utv rental tara s    01-07-13 20:31
This is my first post in the forum, but I've been following it for awhile. What I have read here has led me to booking a trip to what seems to me to be paradise! I will be there for a week this April

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 18. Re: Veterinary services on the Island JeffandMary    12-05-12 12:54
You’re so lucky, sigh. Oh sorry, did I say that out loud? I mean talk to Jerry at Jerry's Jeeps in the tent across from the airport entrance. He should know. Please consider starting your own blog t

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 19. Re: Golf Cart Rental with Kid?? Marcos Ferreira    07-25-12 20:33
Hi there, I don't know if it's the law, but I believe it's a policy that they have due to their insurance. However, Jerry's Jeep rents jeeps for as low as $45.00 per day and you can fit up to 4 or 5 p

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 20. Re: Car rental insurance Vicki moore    06-12-12 00:07
My insurance covers rentals. Be sure and take your policy with you. I highlighted the area saying they covered cars in PR. Jerry's Jeeps requires this. Also the credit care you rent with will many tim

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 21. Re: Jerry's Jeeps scot marechaux    05-05-12 10:56
Jerry is the best. love him, since 1992 two thumbs up

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 22. Good Time in Culebra!! jcapestany    05-02-12 08:43
I wanted to express my Great Experience in Culebra this past Thursday til Sunday in Culebra. We got on the Ferry in Fajardo to notice quite a change in the ticket booth changed on the side of the road

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 23. First Time Trip Report - Long & For Beginners Nick & Michelle    04-30-12 19:49
We are gearing this first trip report for the benefit for anyone considering a first time visit to this beautiful island. It is limited to our experience and others may have different experiences to a

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 24. Jerry's Jeeps Zak    04-19-12 18:20
Just some info on the jeeps at Jerry's. We got one of the cheap ones... the Samarai, for $45/day. What you need to know about the Samarai... firstly, most importantly, there is no power s

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 25. Re: Snorkel trip questions Vicki moore    01-29-12 00:09
Just walk across the street from the airport and rent a "jeep" from Jerry's Jeeps. That way you can make it to all the beaches you want to snorkel. Melones and Tamarindo are both good and you can also

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 26. Re: October Travel James C. Williams    11-15-11 16:21
I want to thank all who sent great info about Culebra. We had a FABULOUS time!!! As I mentioned elsewhere, the flight to Culebra was breathtaking (in a VERY good way). We were approaching the island a

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 27. Re: Flights James C. Williams    11-14-11 15:22
This past October, my wife and I visited Culebra for our first time. We flew Vieques Air Link. The plane was a small Islander (8-seater) and my wife is a nervous flier. I used to work on aircraft and

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 28. Re: 1st Culebra trip....HELP! Jon West    10-04-11 13:05
Amanda, Congrats on your 1st Culebra trip. You're going to have tons of fun. 1. Vehicle Rental: If you search the forum, you're going to find different people esp

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 29. Re: Visiting Culebra Vicki moore    07-29-11 00:03
We rent from Jerry's Jeeps.

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 30. Re: Scooter Rental in Culebra Doug    03-04-11 16:23
A couple years ago I heard they were $35/day. Jerry's Jeeps are $50, and the other places about $65. Enjoy your trip!

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