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 31. Camping versus Kokomo, Fishing, Ice charles h    04-07-09 19:28
hola,after way too many years absence i am finally headed back to culebra this june/july.however i do have some questions: 1)hotel kokomo has some pretty bad reviews out there,but it's still the cheap

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 32. Re: Kokomo Hotel discount nora cage    03-10-09 13:55
Hi Ted, e-mailed you too, we were looking to stay at kokimo one night on our arrival on thurs march we would love to but the voucher..if it will work with the hotel....thanks, nora cage

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 33. Kokomo Hotel discount Ted    03-10-09 12:07
I had to cut my stay at Kokomo short by a night and therefore have a voucher for a free night. I've confirmed with the owner that I can do that here. (I will happily provide his contact info so you, t

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 34. Re: Recommendations needed Vicki moore    01-24-09 10:23
You have 2 options to get to Culebra from OSJ. Catch a publico from OSJ to Isla Grande Airport (near OSJ) and catch a 20 minute flight over. Or you could get a publico to take you to the ferry docks a

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 35. Re: Day trip to Culebra Jeannie G3    12-11-08 12:48
Hola! Sounds like Hotel Kokomo might be for you. They have inexpensive rooms and even though you would be paying for one night and using it for less time, you'd have a place to shower and beds for you

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 36. New Year's Cancellation Culebra Island Villas    12-05-08 12:37
The 2 penthouses at Hotel Kokomo are available for New Year's Eve! This is THE place in Culebra! You can overlook the festivities, watch the fireworks from your private terrace and coming

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 37. Re: Kokomo and ferry Elaine Margarett    11-10-08 07:56
Hi Mike. We're getting in around 12:30 and will be taking a taxi to Fajardo to catch the 3:00 ferry. I believe it's about an hour drive from San Juan to Fajardo. Kokomo is a

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 38. Kokomo and ferry mike kosakowski    11-05-08 18:56
anybody stayed at the Kokomo Hotel...good location, decent place? and FERRY? how late does it run on Fridays? Reliable...getting in around 1pm...san juan...need to make Fajardo for ferry...Thanks a

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 39. Re: Renting a place for 1 night! Michael    10-05-08 20:01
Hotel Kokomo - easy online booking and ideal for one night. No frills, but right across the ferry and publicos to the beach!

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 40. Re: traveler's checks kerry parsons    09-16-08 13:04
thanx for all your responses...guess i will just bring enuf cash for the week and save the traveller's checks for belize!!!!everybody here has been very any of u live in culebra????if so

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 41. Re: Only 2 days for visit the paradise. Alexis Rivera    09-02-08 09:52
Hi, I came from Culebra yesterday, the Island is beautiful. Kokomo? The best of this was that I come down of the ferry I walk 5 seconds and there was the Hotel je je je. But no every think was fine, T

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 42. Re: Only 2 days for visit the paradise. Jeannie G3    08-27-08 14:00
Hola! Alexis and Kerry, please post your comments about Hotel Kokomo after your visit. The place sounds like such a bargain. Hope you both have a great stay on the island. Buen viaje! Happy travels! J

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 43. Re: Hotel kokomo - Pregunta Urgente Michael    08-09-08 12:53
The additional damage deposit of $50 is charged for 'lost' towels, broken dishes, etc. Ever since that policy was introduced (I do it with my own vacation rentals in NY and Vienna as well) guests are

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 44. Re: Hotel kokomo - Pregunta Urgente Jeannie G3    08-06-08 11:12
Hola! Gracias por dejarnos saber. Lo mejor del mundo es encontrar un sitio que llena las cualidades de las tres B: Bueno, Bonito y Barato!! Feliz viaje, happy travels! J

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 45. Re: Hotel kokomo - Pregunta Urgente Alexis Rivera    08-06-08 07:40
Es un buen sitio y esta limpio y comodo. lo mejor es que sales de la lancha y ya estas en el Hotel, sin tener que estar buscando Taxis o guaguas para llegar a el. estas en el centro de todo. Buen siti

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 46. Re: Hotel kokomo - Pregunta Urgente kerry parsons    08-05-08 22:44
will do

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 47. Re: Hotel kokomo - Pregunta Urgente Jeannie G3    08-05-08 19:51
Hola! That's a bargain! Tell us how it went when you get back in November. Would love to read your review on Hotel Kokomo. Great time to go. Happy travels! J

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 48. Re: Hotel kokomo - Pregunta Urgente kerry parsons    08-05-08 15:23
hi jeannie...i booked on the internet and paid thru paypal...i am traveling solo, so i got the least expensive room...double bed, private bath and a/c... $44 u.s. per nite, with a discount if yo

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 49. Re: Hotel kokomo - Pregunta Urgente Jeannie G3    08-05-08 13:20
Hola! I'm glad to know that Hotel Kokomo is fixing up the facilities; you can't beat the price and the location right across from the docks. I did read another posting today from someone trying to mak

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 50. Kokomo varias preguntas. Alexis Rivera    08-05-08 08:52
Estoy tratando de reservar por Internet , me pide pagar por paypal. Cuando entro a la pagina para pagar me pide $50.00 adicionales por posibles daños. Dice que serán re-embolsados. La pregunta es,

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 51. Re: Hotel kokomo - Pregunta Urgente kerry parsons    08-05-08 00:51
i don't speak spanish either, but i am glad u are fixing problems at hotel kokomo...i will be staying there nov. 5 -12 2008...i have read good and bad about your place, but, from the pix i saw on the

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 52. Re: Hotel kokomo - Pregunta Urgente DPY    08-04-08 16:43
No hablo español eso es porque estoy escribiendo en ingles. As part owner of the Hotel Kokomo I would like to respond to the two posts. Over the past year we have been working hard to

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 53. Re: pregunta urgente hotel kokomo Jeannie G3    08-01-08 13:33
Hola! Nosotros estuvimos en Culebra al ano pasado (Julio, '07) y a la verdad, despues que vi al Hotel Kokomo de cerca, me alegre el no haber hecho reservaciones alli. Queda al cruzar de la calle del p

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 54. Hotel kokomo - Pregunta Urgente Lourdes Hernandez Rivera    08-01-08 10:00
BUenas TArdes: Quisiera si el HOtel KOkomo es comodo y agradable...y cuan seguro es reservar por internet ya que no hacen reservaciones por telefono. GRacias por su atenc

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 55. Re: Thanks! Will Hughes    04-04-08 09:44
Hey Zach, I can give you what some of my highlights were and take it for what it is worth. First off, are you planning to fly into Culebra from San Juan or take the ferry from Fajardo? I

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 56. Are you planning on spending Four Night on Culebra? Himanshu Kothari    03-27-08 18:05
Hello I am selling four nights at the Charming Hotel Kokomo (Normally $66/Night + taxes = $287.76) for only $270. You just have to let me know when you are planning on going there a

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 57. Re: Visiting in a couple of weeks Hedily    03-25-08 11:14
OK - so I'm finding that most of the guesthouses require a two-night stay or rent two rooms for a one night stay. Since this is a very short trip for us that we're mixing business (my Dad seeing old b

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 58. Re: One week stay in March Jeannie G3    01-17-08 16:03
I like to check it out. It kept me away from places like Hotel Kokomo (across from the docks) which by the way looked like cockroach motel when we saw it up close, as well as not having very good revi

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 59. Re: Kokomo hotel Check in-out bosie    09-12-07 10:02
Hi Lydia, Check in is after 4pm on the day of your arrival. Check out is before 11am on the day of your departure. This is according to their website terms and

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 60. Kokomo hotel Check in-out Lydia Ruiz    09-10-07 18:15
Does anybody know the check in nad check out time for the Kokomo Hotel? Thank you!

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