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 31. Re: Taz and Aquatic Adventures NicoleW    04-27-12 14:10
Ann, to say that my husband and I agreed to a snorkeling tour would be to say that my husband and I were ASKED if we would like a snorkeling tour. We were never asked and we were never given any optio

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 32. Re: Taz and Aquatic Adventures Frank    04-25-12 11:56
This post about Taz, Ann and Aquatic Adventures ought to be required reading for every single person that has never been to Culebra and is thinking of visiting. But not for the reason some newcomers

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 33. Taz and Aquatic Adventures Zak    04-20-12 07:07
Before you decide to book Aquatic Adventures, whether it be for a dive or snorkeling or whatever, you should read this - they are the kind of people that will promise you one thing and give you anothe

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 34. Re: Water taxis Doug    04-07-12 13:59
I don't have the info at my fingertips, but when you arrive on Culebra, you will see flyers at many of the guest houses and on bulletin boards for these taxis. I always used Capt. Jack (now deceased)

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 35. Water taxis Zak    02-14-12 16:18
We're going to be staying 5 nights in Culebra in April. We're very excited about going to Culebrita and Luis Pena (on separate days.) I've seen prices for taxis quoted at $35 for Luis Pena and $45 for

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 36. Re: General request for Culebra info Syberchick    02-13-12 13:02
Just returned from my first trip to Culebra and even if you are staying for a week, I would highly recommend the camping scene. The campground is gorgeous, the folks are friendly, easy access to 'flus

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 37. Snorkel trip questions Jarrett    01-28-12 01:35
We plan to visit PR in February with family of 4 staying in Fajardo and want to snorkel. Culebra was recommended. My wife doesn't handle waves well at all, either on a boat, or while snorkeling, so

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 38. Re: camping DRB    12-20-11 17:28
Hi Danielle, I will also be in Culebra this March. This will be my sixth time visiting this amazing place. In the past, I've camped, stayed in a guest house and even once rented a home. To answer you

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 39. Re: 1st Culebra trip....HELP! Geronimo    09-28-11 10:48
In the recent past, a water taxi ride to and from Culebrita was ~$50 per person. They drop you off in the morning on the South side when you want, say 9:00am and then retrieve you in the afternoon, s

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 40. Re: car rental options palmettoculebra    09-24-11 08:19
Good morning, Willy really only rents "jeep" (singular). He's more of a taxi/water taxi type contact. So, yes, the three rental companies are D & C, Jerry, & Carlos. B

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 41. Re: Friday September 2 (tranportation) Anthony Bennett    08-29-11 21:48
ok i will check into the Airlines tomorrow. I called Captain Luis about his water taxi but I think $550 is a little more than I want to pay to go to Culebra. Can anyone give me an idea of the rates

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 42. Re: Friday September 2 (tranportation) Linda H    08-29-11 20:16
There have been posts in the last year or so regarding a water taxi service that runs between islands. If you search this forum for interisland water taxi you can find the contact info. Not sure if

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 43. Re: captain luis biobay tour april 21 2012 palmettoculebra    08-05-11 16:41
Good afternoon, There are currently no water taxis that run between Culebra & Vieques. If you were to take a boat it would cost more than the flight. Best, Terrie Palmet

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 44. Re: captain luis biobay tour april 21 2012 wendy hartung    08-04-11 14:01
THANK YOU SO MUCH MICHAEL!!!!! Just spoke with the Capt. with the number you provided and unfortunately he does not offer the bio bay tour any longer...we're thinking of trying to leave culebra and go

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 45. Re: Constitution Day / Water Taxi lydia velazquez    07-20-11 19:27
Water taxi sharing. My daughter is flying in to Culebra morning of July 23 and I mentioned that I read your request. She and her boy friend would be interested. Did you find anybody yet? How much

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 46. Re: Constitution Day / Water Taxi palmettoculebra    07-15-11 20:15
Good evening, The ferries are VERY crowded in the summer months (i.e. sold out often & NOT just on weekends). Normally, advance tickets are not sold on the day of, except one our prior.

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 47. Constitution Day / Water Taxi Mr. Mom    07-14-11 18:52
I am visiting Culebra on July 22, 23 and 24th next week with my 6 year old daughter and 9 year old son. We are planning on catching the 3 p.m. launcha on Friday. How early do we need to arrive befor

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 48. Inter Island Water Taxi Inter Isand Water Taxi    05-04-11 17:55
We are a private boat chartering service that will take people to different islands in the Caribbean from Fajardo, PR to anywhere in the Caribbean (Culebra, Vieques, St Thomas, St Croix ect) We have a

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 49. Re: Culebrita DRB    04-14-11 13:50
I will be on Culebra during time you are there. I would be interested in sharing a water taxi to Culebrita. How much is cost of taxi? Guess taxi goes over and drops off in morning and returns for pick

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 50. packing list Barbara Bergersen    03-20-11 01:51
Hi. We are a family of 3 adults, and will be visiting Culebra next week. We will be in San Juan 2 days, and Culebra for 6 days. We plan to each bring a carry on bag, and maybe bring one shared chec

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 51. Re: In Culebra March 5 - 11 David Baird    02-25-11 08:21
My GF and I will be there 4th-10. Very interested in finding people to share a water taxi over to Culebrita for a day. I've done it a couple of times and its well worth it. By putting our own group

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 52. Culebra to Yost Christine Fredenburgh    02-07-11 11:17
Hello! I went on a solo camping trip on Flamenco in early December and loved it so much I'd like to do it again. What an incredible experience and beautiful island! This time though, I'd like to br

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 53. Re: New Opportunities Kirk    01-19-11 10:55
Having chartered day sails in several islands I can unequivocaly say that a well-run affordable day-sail option is invaluable to an islands appeal. Culebra in particular could use something like this,

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 54. Re: Sharing Water Taxi to Culebra 24.12.2010 S.V.I bound    12-24-10 10:02
Gosh is putting it lightly! For a hunny more, you can charter a flight out of SJU.

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 55. Re: Sharing Water Taxi to Culebra 24.12.2010 Debbie    12-23-10 15:52
Oh my Gosh, that's expensive!! Is that with the guy that keeps advertising on this site?

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 56. Sharing Water Taxi to Culebra 24.12.2010 shinkaikyou    12-23-10 08:43
Hello Everyone, My wife and are thinking about chartering a water taxi from Fajardo to Culebra tomorrow, 24 December. The total price for the charter is $400 for six people. So, if we fin

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 57. Air Service from Vieques to Culebra Darrin Dickerson    12-21-10 15:36
Has anyone had any luck getting air service from Vieques to Culebra? I cannot afford to do the $600 charter flight and it seems like Flemenco is still Charter only. We used Isla Nena before but it s

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 58. frustrated traveler needs help Bryan Martin    12-07-10 16:25
Ok so I want to come to culebra my wife is very sick on chemo and I promised her I would take her to a wonderful blue water beach so I was thinking flamenco beach. I contacted Flamenco ai

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 59. Re: FIRST TIME IN CULEBRA.... Geronimo    12-06-10 08:40
If you want a vehicle I would reserve it now. To watch pelicans feed, goto Flamenco beach all of the way around to the right. Great snorkeling at Rossario beach and usually out of the wind. A water

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 60. Re: Inter Island Water Taxi Services Inter Isand Water Taxi    11-30-10 13:36
Hello all, we are available for charter water taxi service from Fajardo to Culebra. for rates please email us. have a good day.

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